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When Words Cut Through Words And Into The Other And Into The Void
When Words Cut Through Words And Into The Other And Into The Void by Mark Julyan
Cut-out paintings

Surely any artistic project which utilizes the idea of the cut-out would have to acknowledge the influence of Matisse, and certainly those unforgettable images were constant companion as this idea began to take its shape. But then the form that is ícut outí in this series is ostensibly one that derives its essence as cut out text rather than as picture.

Whereas previous artists such as Johns and Nauman developed conceptions of textuality and semiotics across a full range of art forms which added to the positive form of the artistic object, here the express intention is that words cut through words.

In this sense (and whom we acknowledge as an influence), perhaps the closest to this use of text as juxtaposition between that which is, and that which once was but which still remains as linguistic insistence in absence, is Basquiat and his tendency to paint text as erasure in crossed out deletes.

Although tending to focus on forms that contradict or render each other incoherent, the words used in this series range across a broad spectrum including commands, incoherent truisms, sarcastic commentary or observation, simple designation, pure description, expressive cries, Instructions, literary quotes and so forth, but where the express intention of those connections that emerge between the various layers is one centered as a certain kind of dis-connect.

The essence and most striking aspect of the textual is here realized therefore not as the mark of the positive form that adds onto the blankness of the painterly canvas, even if crossed out, superseded, contradicted or erased at a later stage, but directly with a sharp knife that in cutting out informs the pen into an essential and profound self realization.

Mark Julyan

October 2017

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