Art is always 'corrupted' by dissemblance, suggestions, implications, interpretations, historical and contextual relationships and references. So how many different categories of corruption in language ordering can be experimented with?  How can conceptualizing these be interesting in terms of isolating and inter-relating creative possibilities in speech and visual art forms?

It isn’t possible to purify art or language but you can isolate different possibilities inside of it, focus on the transitions between the different aspects and juxtapose particular extreme or decorative sets of instances together in frenetic or ordered artistic production.   

Because in art you create tension between form and content, the complexities read back into art and create a kind of abstract resonating, pictorial poetry.

Everything is inward looking but removed.  Everything is reflexive but playful. Everything is self generating and closed.  Everything is full of possibility because you still create fullness in form and interpretational complexity as you work to empty the meaning of intentional significance and content.




Mark Julyan